University and Hospital Residency Programs

These courses are designed for dental students and residents to achieve accreditation quality photographic documentation of the patient for treatment planning and medical/legal patient documentation. 

Every dental specialty has its own challenges that must be met with the right equipment choices and standardized patient positioning.

Rita’s passion and enthusiasm for the subject has impacted thousands of dental professionals as evidenced by the numerous testimonials and her status as one of the most sought after speaker in dental photography. 

Her University Hands-on workshops and lectures have included:


University of Toronto – All Dental Specialties and 3rd and 4th year dental students 
UNC Chapel Hill– Orthodontic Residency Program
Baylor College – Orthodontic Residency Program
Saint Louis University – Orthodontic Residency Program
University of Western Ontario – Orthodontic Residency Program
McGill Hospital Residency Program
McGill Hospital – Plastic Surgery Residency Program
Toronto Hospitals Dental Residency Program
University of Alberta – Orthodontic Residency Program

1.Photographic Documentation of the Dental Patient

2.Photographic Documentation of the Orthodontic Patient

3.Photographic Documentation for Implant Dentistry

4.Photographic Documentation in Prosthodontics

5.Photographic Documentation in Periodontics

6.Photographic Documentation in the Radiologists Practice

7.Photographic Documentation for the Paediatric Patient

8.Photographic Documentation in Community Dentistry

9.Clinically correct patient photography on the run - Plastic Surgery