Office Consultation

Rita looks forward to working with your team to implement digital photography using standardized clinical photography techniques and exposure calibration of your camera system for consistent results.  She recognizes that each practice is different as she customizes the equipment selection and learning curve to assist teams in the implementation of this amazing tool. 

This program will provide everybody with an excellent working knowledge and give them the confidence to utilize theses skills the next working day!

Of interest to Dental Specialists: Add a “Referring Dentists Appreciation Presentation” either the evening before or after the workshop.

Learning Objectives:

Cameras and accessories selection for dental and hobby photography:

•Decide which digital camera is best suited for your practice

•Exposure calibration and set up for dental photography for consistent results. Evaluation of retractors, mirrors and backgrounds to make clinical photography easy.

Techniques for Standardized Patient Photography:

•Practice clinically correct views, using the right retractors and mirrors by photographing each other

Documenting the Patient Makeover:

•Learn how to take portraits of your patients and your team members for your patient gallery and website 

Digitizing Radiographs, Plaster Cast and Illustrations for Case Presentations:

•Photographic techniques to capture all relevant material with your digital camera 

Communicating with Digital Images:

•Make a customized patient presentation in seconds 

•Prepare marketing material with patient photographs.

Templates (customized with your logo) for quick and easy photo insertion are prepared for your practice.


Thank you again for coming to our office and teaching us dental photography. I really learned so much from you and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your coming to see us. 
I absolutely love what I do and I hope to continue to learn and grow in this field. I love working at my office and I want to be a good as I can be. I really appreciated the compliments you gave me on my patient galleries and I was extremely proud. It made me feel that I was doing a great job. So thank you.
- Angie, Valeriano Orthodontics, Charlotte, NC  (member of the Schulman group)


Thank you again for your visit.  the fact that the clinical versus the TC’s are arguing over who will use the camera they were trained on by you shows that they really paid attention and are set on getting excellent images.
- Dr. Keith Hilliard – Lakeland Fl.


Thank you sooo much,  You are fantastic !
Everything works great thanks to you! Looking forward to great photography from my team!!!
- Dr. Jeff Roeder, Asheville – NC


Thank you so much for teaching us.  Everyone enjoyed it and learned so much.  It was a nice positive boost for our staff to have someone so knowledgeable and entertaining in our office!
- Denise – JKOrthodontics – Toledo OH


I just wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and the staff for a wonderful day of learning about dental photography. The staff and I are very excited to get started taking photos. You are truly amazing and the missing piece of the puzzle!!!  
- Regards,  Albert Lucas, Lucas Orthodontics,  Fort Lauderdale, FL


Thanks Rita.
You were a real gem.Our pictures are so much better now I can't believe it. And we owe it all to you. Thanks for making the day enjoyable and very productive.

Joel   ( Dr. Joel Gluck, Nashville TN ) Member of the Schulman Group