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Are you looking for a dynamic high-energy speaker?

Is your group interested in the latest in digital photography, communication skills and case presentation with digital photographs?

Rita Bauer is one of the most sought after speaker in this field and has a proven track record of delivering outstanding presentations. Her down to earth approach to audiences is refreshing and motivating and focuses on realistic, practical equipment choices and techniques that the participants can apply on the job the day after the seminar.

As the Coordinator for Digital Media Education at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, Rita has worked with thousands of dental professionals in the clinical education field and in private practice in the past 25 years. She has realized that dentistry has an immediate need for the implementation of this new technology and delivers this information with enthusiasm, motivation and fun.

If you have any special requests, programs can be customized to suit your individual needs, just ask. All podium programs are suitable for full day hands-on workshops.


Podium Programs:

1.Capture the Perfect Smile: Patient Photography Made Easy

( of interest to Dentists, Dental Specialists, Staff )

2. Patient Photography for Predictable Results from the Dental Lab

( of interest to Dentists, Dental Specialists, Staff )

3. Camera! Lights! Action! What’s New in Dental Photography? (Dentists, Dental Specialists, Staff )

Must Have” Gadgets and Equipment that will Simplify your Patient’s Photographic Documentation

4. Improve your Image(s)patient photography for patient documentation and preparation of effective marketing material

( of interest to Dentists, Dental Specialists, Staff )

5.Present your dental practice in the right light! Photography for a great website:

( of interest to Dentists, Dental Specialists, Staff and Dental Technicians)

Patient Galleries with Impact

Techniques for Staff Portraits

Architectural Photography Tips for your “Web Office Tour”

6. From Snapshots to Keepsakes (staff and spousal program)

Improve your amateur photography with simple tips and tricks

7. From Snapshots toKeepsakes- Hobby Photography with your Point and Shoot Camera you can be proud of (staff and spousal program)

8. Find the Photogenic YOU! (staff and spousal program)

Portrait techniques for your staff portraits and patient make-over’s





Once again, I am contacting you to express our gratitude and appreciation for another superlative effort with the course that you presented on Friday. You have never failed to provide anything that was less than excellent and we are delighted that your enthusiasm was so prevalent at the course. I hope that we shall have the opportunity to collaborate with you on another program in the not too distant future and please do not hesitate to contact you should you have any thoughts about future possibilities. Thanks again and have a great summer.





A.Barry Chapnick,B.A.,D.D.S.

Director,Course Development University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry


The Schulman Webinar was absolutely flawless; it was as if you had done the presentation 1,000 times before. You even had the timing perfect.

Ron Redmond, DDS, MS

CEO, Schulman Study Group


Hi Rita and Dr. Melita,


Attached is the feedback from the Webinar evaluations.  All very positive!   I enjoyed working with you both and I hope you enjoyed the “Webinar” experience. 

Barb Simon – Education Manager - American Association of Orthodontists

221 evaluations.-267 Registrations with 1,060 Expected Attendees

  • Awesome

  • Great presentation - we have enjoyed listening to Rita many times before

  • Rita is great!

  • everything was great!- wish we had more time for questions and answers- Rita is outstanding!!

  • Very informative succinct program.

  • Great presentation

  • Rita Bauer did a fantastic job ... it's obvious that she's very proficient in Orthodontic photography, and her presentation was flawless. Thank you, Rita!

  • Thank you! Rita Bauer is a thorough and good speaker.

  • confirms what I am doing is correct

  • Very easy to use will attend again

  • Lots of great ideas

  • Glad I attended.