Dental Photography Made Easy

Full Day Lecture and Hands-on Workshop:

Dental Photography Made Easy:
Are you using patient photography to its fullest but not satisfied with the results? 

Do you use your clinical photographs only for treatment planning and patient records? Then you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to show off your great work.

We will show you the tips and techniques to consistently take excellent patient views, portraits and preparation of marketing and education material.

You will be amazed how easy digital photography can be learned and immediately incorporated into your orthodontic practice.



Cameras and accessories selection for dental and hobby photography:
- What is the best camera for dental photography? Decide which digital camera is best suited for your practice and see which retractors, mirrors, backgrounds and gadgets make clinical photography easy.

Techniques for Standardized Patient Photography:
- Clinically correct views, using the right retractors and mirrors

Documenting the Patient Makeover:
- Learn how to take portraits of your patients and your team members for your patient gallery and website 

Communicating with Digital Images:
- Making a customized patient presentation in seconds 
- preparing marketing material with patient photographs


You will learn:
- Camera Choices for your Practice
- Exposure Set up for Patient Photography
- Standardized Patient Photography with Mirrors and Retractors
- Photography of Plaster Casts
- Quick and Easy Case Presentations 
- Tips for Practice Enhancers




I really enjoyed your seminar.  You made it fun, yet not bogged down with technical numbers.  It was great how you divided up the group into SLR and point-and-shoot users, and still managed spend time with everyone.  I didn't even have a camera (well I did, but you finally told me to forget about it..) and still had plenty of practice time using someone else’s.  Thanks for making it an enjoyable day.
- Waseema


Once again thank you for the wonderfully inspiring day.  My collegues and I left you with an urge to click away!

Michèle reminded me to write to you to ask for the wonderful pictures you took of us.  We can finally be comfortable in having our pictures taken.

Hope to cross your path again,
- Linda Archambault – Clinique de Prosthodontique – Montreal


Your presentation was very good .I learned a lot of interesting things to apply in our office. Your joyful and charming personality created a great atmosphere ...
- Nagy


2 of my staff LOVED your course last week in Ottawa. We were taking pretty good pictures before, but now they are even better.
-Tony Veale, Dentist, MBA and Nice Guy

Thank you so much for the information! It is very helpful! I’ve already practiced a couple of your instructions for taking occlusal photos and it’s made a difference. THANK YOU!
- Jennifer  @ Bennionsmiles, OR

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