Capture the Perfect Smile and Prepare Effective Marketing and Educational

Material for your Practice:
Lecture and Hands on Workshop

Digital Photography Techniques for Clinical and Marketing Purposes:

Discover how easy it can be to create a whole new approach to patient documentation, communicating and marketing by using the right digital camera. Learn how to capture the perfect smile and you will leave with new ideas and skills to make outstanding photographs of faces and clinical images.

Don’t miss out on an excellent opportunity to show off your great work and learn how to prepare effective education and marketing material of your own patients.

We will show you the tips and techniques to consistently take excellent patient views. 

Learning Objectives:
What are all those buttons and what can they do for me:

- Learn some of the advanced settings of your camera and use this information to improve your dental and your hobby photography. 


Documenting the Patient Makeover:

- Take clinically correct views, using the right retractors and mirrors

- Learn how to take portraits of your patients and your team members for your patient gallery and website 


Digitizing Radiographs, Plaster Cast and Illustrations for Case Presentations:

- Photographic techniques to capture all relevant material with your digital camera 


Communicating with Digital Images:

- Making a customized patient presentation in seconds 

- preparing marketing material with patient photographs


You will learn:

- Make a Patient Gallery: Portrait Techniques – give the patient the picture they actually want

- Photography of Plaster Casts, 

- Digitizing Radiographs and Illustrations from books

- Quick and Easy Case Presentations 

- Tips for Practice Enhancers, preparation of patient certificates, running slide show (photo kiosk), before and after images in digital frames